Timur Mil$chenko & His Orchestra – II

I’ve finished the production on my sophomore collection – well not exactly, I thought I was finished and then final inspiration struck and so I will finish producing one more track and then move into the post-production phase proper.  I am really proud of the work.  I will release again on Bandcamp – – for $10 per album, $0.99 per track maybe.  My next goals will be stray from the studio process a bit before I return.

I’ve also retired my first frog logo, the one designed by Jules at Manning, what a bizarre episode that was.  I wonder what ever happened with that guy.  Nonetheless I will resurrect the frog one day.  Until then I am using this logo:

Digital signature tM$

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Things – creatively – are chugging along well

Originally posted on Tim Mills' Portfolio:

It’s been a while since I wrote here.  I’ve resolved (maybe against my better judgements) to work on and finish and album.  Here’s a track (see below,) totally incomplete, I’d like to finish +10 choons for this next collection, I expect to release a finished collection winter 2015, but who knows.  I’m about 40% finished so there’s not much more to say about it.
I made a little party over the long weekend for the BCES and GCP crowds, it was a good party!  Although, the gear malfunctioned and forced us to stop.  It was OK, we stopped at an appropriate time.  But I have to get Jay GF to do up a coffin case for all the gear by the next gig.  All performances or thoughts of cease until my gear is fixed, simple as.  I’ve attached the flyer Elmo designed, it was a good party, they were some…

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Timur Mil$chenko And His Orchestra

Here’s the debut release:

But smoking grass is so much better than not smoking grass, seriously.  ;)


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Timur Mil$chenko, DJ Set @ The Cellar Bar, 76 Church St. – March 30th, 2014.

I’m looking forward to my gig this weekend, it’s in a cellar below the HI Hostel at 76 Church St.  It’ll be nice to play out and in a new space.  I’m filling in for the resident DJ but am going to try and gig there more often, it’s a cool room with a certain ambience that matches my sound.  I have a good idea of what I’ll play, it’ll be a pure Timur Mil$chenko set – hip-hop, trip-hop, and loungey house.  I have a few new sounds I’ll try and get to but if we don’t make it that’s OK, it’s a small space and the gig is on the Sunday thus I doubt we’ll get too hectic.  It’ll be useful if I think of the gig as a weekend after party, people will just want to have a drink and listen to some great sounds, I won’t try to rock their world too much, they won’t want their world rocked anyway.  Let’s just spin some great music.  The fee to the DJ on this occasion is 10% of the bar which might be OK.  My only worry with this gig is the state of my needles – they are little wee nubs and I can’t afford to replace them this week.
I’m also working on promoting an event in the neighborhood.  It would be great to sort something out I could walk to.  I’m going to approach the venue as the representative of a team of DJ’s.  I’d like to work with some of the DJ’s I know, it’s fun to work with and listen to others.

Anyway, the gig starts at 9 pm on March 30, 2014.  The venue is located downstairs at 76 Church St, Toronto, ON.  It’ll be a fun place to play, I can cross it off as a place I’ve played.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  :)


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Timur Mil$chenko – – – (DJ Tim is dead!)

Apparently, and I found this particularly interesting during my morning newsy read, NASA have published a survey giving credence to the notion that modern western-European society is on a course that looks as though it’s littered with real challenges, the tandem of any number of which could spell a civilization’s collapse.  To be sure, as mentioned in the article, civilizations have come and gone in the past, a recurring cycle.  Nonetheless, the article espouses pointedly with words and science something that has been on the minds of the kooks for sometime, and increasingly also on the minds of what ought to be considered rational parties, that is the masses.  Here’s the article: (

The above is certainly worrisome, and I have a hard time casting a tonne of doubt on the article, I don’t reckon the folks at NASA are kooks.  (Just hopefully they are missing the critical piece that, in their model, enables society to rescue itself from the brink.)  But whether society trudges towards the collapse of modern civilization as we know it, or not, I’ll still want to practice the archaic form of turn-tabling atop my Technic 1200’s.  With that in mind, it’s my pleasure to announce that Timur Mil$henko will have his first DJ gig on March 30, (DJ Tim is dead!)  As enthused as I am to be playing an open format set of my choice, and as enthused as I am to be playing in a cool small room of Victorian architecture, I am a little bummed that March 30th is a Sunday.  However, this is it, paying dues, laboring for love, playing Sundays.  But, the end of the weekend aside, it is certainly a unique venue where I should be able to reach a growing fan base that hails from Europe.  The Cellar Room (venue name) is beneath an HI, and so – short of being able to go gig in Europe in order to reach my growing following there – maybe Europe can come to me.

Timur Mil$chenko

March 30, DJ Set @ The Cellar Room, 76 Church St., Toronto, ON.

I have a few ideas as to what I’ll spin, though, as always, I remain flexible and open to appropriate changes as they so often are likely to occur.


Here’s a tape that comprises my entry into the Croatian Soundwave DJ contest, I doubt I’ll be able to play many of these sounds on the 30th, as this tape is intended for a beach club atmosphere.  I doubt I’ll be able to get as housey as this tape on the night of the 30th.  At the gig, I intend to hit ‘em hard first with some real hip-hop and some real turn-tabling.  But, as has happened in the past, intentions might have to go out the window depending on what the audience wants.  Though, hip-hop is never wrong, thus, I’ll most likely live there, as I have in the past.

Here’s the link to some of my contest sounds (WP has embedding issues):

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No major injuries!!! (It’s OK to have standards)

2th’s first show went off without a hitch.  Well, not entirely true, but the show went on and there were no major injuries, and I think it seemed alright received.  The first goal was accomplished; “put a set together and gig it before Mr. Roy heads back to NYC.”  It all came together pretty well, in fact, with just the two of us and a shared vision and goal it was one of the easier projects/sounds to achieve.  (Though this also certainly speaks to Mr. Roy’s musical prowess.)  However it’s not to say we’re a pair geeks on the street and didn’t have to put work into it; Mr. Roy expressed that he reckons his ‘sinusoidal synthesis’ and music production skills improved, whereas my my deejayism improved vastly.  Also, my bar, in terms of expectations of the people around me were raised – playing with a traditional musician is a horse of a different colour compared to typical seletahship; my speed and precision as a DJ greatly increased.  It’s a cool sound.  I kinda wish I could’ve been in the audience.
Our next goal is a chilli cook off party that we’ll make ourselves, the party that is, but we’ll bring in ringers to compete for the chilli cook off grand prize.  It’s all pre-producing at the moment but we reckon 4-4-4 will appear somewhere on the flyer; $4 entry, $4 drinks, $4 Chilli-Cook-Off Voting Card (All-u-can-eat Chilli,) something to that effect.  As I said it’s all in pre-production at the moment.  Sadly, I can’t keep throwing kick ass parties and not get any help – the sushi party (in real $$$) cost more than $100, (which admittedly isn’t Queen of England cash) but (after my commencement debacle,) I just can’t afford to not try to recoup anything anymore.  I love my friends but for real…sadly, there are costs and 2th will need slight help.  I’m done with people who don’t help, life’s too short.
Around the chilli will be a few bands and we’d like to get some visuals in the mix too.  Also I want to make sure everyone who helps organize and is involved can be given a little scratch for their work.  Mr. Roy wants to bring some out of town bands in, they should be given a tank of gas, at least!  Or else I don’t really want to attach myself to this live production.  2th are a pair of dick heads, but we’re not haters and we don’t fuck around!  Like I said, it’s all in pre-production.
Speaking of which, 2th (with the help of our Asst. Producer Mr. Sivanantharajah) ought to be going into the multi-track space soon, we gotta get some quality recordings for an EPK.  In lieu of current recordings up to the level of fidelity we need for our EPK, here is a picture of the band.  I think the two modern and traditional players have a pretty cool visual element, hopefully we can build on what’s beginning to burgeon.



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I walked across the stage at convocation, they withheld my degree because of library fines, they’re fucking nickel and dimeing their students & clientele.  Oh well, I’ll pay it off, they’ll send me my degree.  4 fined library books * $17 each, what’s that?  $68.  $68 is what they’re holding out for, after I just paid them thousands in tuition, they’re fuckers.  And down the line they’ll be sending me alumni magazines and asking me for money.  Fuck them, I’ll remind them why I won’t be donating when the time comes, if it comes – I don’t see myself living the dream of the upper-middle class which I was sold anyway.

Tomorrow I leave for a US DJ gig in Maine.  That’s it, technically speaking, I’ve achieved the dream that I was shooting for in high school; international DJ.  It’s not everything I thought it was going to be.  But I can’t wait to go perform anyway.  I fly to Boston and then bus to Portland, the party is this Saturday, and I think there is going to be an after-party too.  It’ll be great.

My professional goals now are just to keep on mixing and working in music and try to get paid.  It’s so bloody hard to make a living with music.  But here I am, there’s no turning back now.  It’s going to happen.

Ok – well I just wanted to touch base and blog.  I’ll be making a mixtape and uploading to Mixcloud tonight, check it out, google: DJ Tim Mills, you’ll find me.

After the US gig, I’m planning a wicked party for the end of the November.  Hope to see you there!  :)

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