(Oh, you call this warm yellow liquid you’re emitting on me rain?)

Is corporate tax evasion a part of the reason why I’m up to my neck in student loans;
And is offshore manufacturing part of the reason why it’s hard to find a job that pays a “living wage;”
But, there’s this:  (Oh, you call this warm yellow liquid you’re emitting on me rain?)

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This winter shit sucks!

‘II’ is still selling like utter shite, and I guess c’est la vie, I haven’t listened to it myself in a few weeks, maybe it is shit, I have mixed feelings about it.  I am not sure how I feel about it, I am still proud of it, but am left wanting slightly.  This next EP I am doing will attempt to have more of a design/vision I hope.  Also I’ll want to experiment with single releases with my 3rd EP. Nonetheless, life goes on.  I’ll be going to Cuba in the spring, and I’m doing a few shitty DJ gigs a month, a couple.  But, sincerely, I’d like to be playing more better gigs.  My next DJ gig is this Friday, closing for some performers, I’ll make the best of it. I am also working on my first(ish) music video, the process is opening my eyes up to many possibilities.  The video is for Miss Asteroid, one of my critiques is that it has taken us a while to get it all done, but such is life on shoestrings.  During the course of Motor Royale’s entire production, I also got an MA, so foci had to be prioritized.

I got to move back out west, let’s just leave it there.  This winter shit sucks!  A car and a few thousand bucks will get me there.  I should go while gas is cheap.  Because the day-job situation in Ottawa, for a guy like me, feels negligently better, but the lifestyle, for a guy like me, is significantly worse. Here is the current cut of the video I am working on, but we’re still gonna do some editing to it; And here’s my flyer design for my little DJ gig on Friday. ;)


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Projects + Gear + Do Something

‘II’ is selling like shit.  It’s sometimes frustrating being so deep underground, you do these things, and they are good, even your insecure self thinks so, and while there are costs involved you recoup nothing.  Help would be awesome.  I’d quit the whole thing if that were really a possibility, but the drive to do something, anything, produce something for the ether rather than simply continuing to take.  And although ‘II’ is selling like shit, you keep on keepin’ on and there are a few projects coming up.

First, The Catalina Wine Mixer is going off.  A real designed event, and it’s gonna be small but top-notch.  Considering The RA Affair, fuck ‘em.  The CWM will have a catered VIP section.  Hopefully, NS can come spin 45’s again, that was good, although not cheap – well, considering, actually, fairly cheap, though the DJ gets paid nonetheless.  Also, I gotta do a real gear once over, and that’s a significant cost, even simple needles for my TT’s costs add up.  Hopefully The CWM will go down earlier in the new year, I’m thinking Valentine’s, because chicks like to be taken places like The CWM on February 14.  Though that’s tentative at this moment.  Nonetheless, The CWM is gonna be groovie.

Also, (and I shouldn’t really be doing it,) I’ve started work on a third collection; this morning I had the idea to make it a concept, and in that case, as it would be my first concept album, I’d probably want to make it an EP.  But I’ve got a few new racks of instruments I’m psyched to work with, and my mixes are just getting good after all all this time.  However, much of my gear is broken, if not most of it, but tools ought not to shoulder all of the pressure.

Another 2th go-around is also gonna happen.  It’ll be, however, a remote studio project kind of thing, so it’s hard to say what that’ll be like.  However, that’ll be fun.  It’ll be good to collab again.  And even though it pains me to say it, at our level, I think 2th should modernize and use DJ controllers rather than the TT’s.  It’ll just be more conducive.  I’m so torn, I’m at that point where my 12’s are fucking cumbersome.  But I love them so, what should I do?  I’m looking at NS7’s.

Lastly, and this is the unexciting part, I started a day job but it’s mixing.  I’m riding faders in the A/V industry for a pay check.  Though, it’s not enough, I need something a little more, I want to be a boss.  Not bossy necessarily, but autonomous for sure and working a paid project to my standards.

Here is a demo from my upcoming third collection and/or a promotional device I’ll use for The CWM:

:)  tM$

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Timur Mil$chenko & His Orchestra – II

I’ve finished the production on my sophomore collection – well not exactly, I thought I was finished and then final inspiration struck and so I will finish producing one more track and then move into the post-production phase proper.  I am really proud of the work.  I will release again on Bandcamp – – for $10 per album, $0.99 per track maybe.  My next goals will be stray from the studio process a bit before I return.

I’ve also retired my first frog logo, the one designed by Jules at Manning, what a bizarre episode that was.  I wonder what ever happened with that guy.  Nonetheless I will resurrect the frog one day.  Until then I am using this logo:

Digital signature tM$

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Things – creatively – are chugging along well

Originally posted on Tim Mills' Portfolio:

It’s been a while since I wrote here.  I’ve resolved (maybe against my better judgements) to work on and finish and album.  Here’s a track (see below,) totally incomplete, I’d like to finish +10 choons for this next collection, I expect to release a finished collection winter 2015, but who knows.  I’m about 40% finished so there’s not much more to say about it.
I made a little party over the long weekend for the BCES and GCP crowds, it was a good party!  Although, the gear malfunctioned and forced us to stop.  It was OK, we stopped at an appropriate time.  But I have to get Jay GF to do up a coffin case for all the gear by the next gig.  All performances or thoughts of cease until my gear is fixed, simple as.  I’ve attached the flyer Elmo designed, it was a good party, they were some…

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Timur Mil$chenko And His Orchestra

Here’s the debut release:

But smoking grass is so much better than not smoking grass, seriously.  ;)


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Timur Mil$chenko, DJ Set @ The Cellar Bar, 76 Church St. – March 30th, 2014.

I’m looking forward to my gig this weekend, it’s in a cellar below the HI Hostel at 76 Church St.  It’ll be nice to play out and in a new space.  I’m filling in for the resident DJ but am going to try and gig there more often, it’s a cool room with a certain ambience that matches my sound.  I have a good idea of what I’ll play, it’ll be a pure Timur Mil$chenko set – hip-hop, trip-hop, and loungey house.  I have a few new sounds I’ll try and get to but if we don’t make it that’s OK, it’s a small space and the gig is on the Sunday thus I doubt we’ll get too hectic.  It’ll be useful if I think of the gig as a weekend after party, people will just want to have a drink and listen to some great sounds, I won’t try to rock their world too much, they won’t want their world rocked anyway.  Let’s just spin some great music.  The fee to the DJ on this occasion is 10% of the bar which might be OK.  My only worry with this gig is the state of my needles – they are little wee nubs and I can’t afford to replace them this week.
I’m also working on promoting an event in the neighborhood.  It would be great to sort something out I could walk to.  I’m going to approach the venue as the representative of a team of DJ’s.  I’d like to work with some of the DJ’s I know, it’s fun to work with and listen to others.

Anyway, the gig starts at 9 pm on March 30, 2014.  The venue is located downstairs at 76 Church St, Toronto, ON.  It’ll be a fun place to play, I can cross it off as a place I’ve played.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  :)


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