I took another real job; ‘social media coordinator’ with the ‘Music & Beyond’ festival

I’ve been offered a job; social media coordinator with the ‘Music and Beyond’ festival.  i am really excited but the job has been created through a job creation program with the ministry thus I can’t take it until they sort out all their administration stuff.  i hope it all works, I really am excited to start.

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I should just blog and keep it active/up to date

I should blog.
I’m really happy about where I am musically, I’ve evolved from the booth to the throne, sure, I’ll always love DJing, it’s always going to be like my first love, but I really love the drums, and it’s so therapeutic, I needed this kind of experience in music. I like being a beginner at it too, it’s like a license to just play.
I’m really happy about where I am creatively, I think it has to do with many things, but I think age is definitely part of it, i just don’t give a fuck about it anymore, and it’s a freedom from ego, and it’s wonderful.  I think I’m gonna publish a memoir, my journal project that spans the last year.
I’m really happy where I am romantically, being lonely gets long in the tooth, sure, you gotta be comfortable and awesome alone by yourself, but it’s nice to have a hot girlfriend too.  Even if she is quand même folle.
I’m pissed about where I am professionally, but it will get better if I just keep on keeping on, I’m sure.  I spend my days at the employment center and working on my resume and applying to jobs.  It turns out that I’ve been doing a shit job at applying for positions according to what the counselors down at the jobs center have to say.  Alas, c’est ma vie.  I’m not alone in how hard it is though, it’s nice to know that.  There are a bunch of great people with great skills, like me, in my position.  Get Rich or Die Trying.  More like; just get a good job or die trying.
OK, there’s a blog post.

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Updates from the bottom

Well, that new job I had mixing didn’t work out for various reasons, but it suffices to say that the people who speak loudest know the least.
I just got back from Belfast, I feel bad for enjoying myself; it was a trip back home to the old country from the new world to pay respects.  What a place though, and the music on that island, so very pure heated, it was a real treat and something I needed.

I want to go back, I need to save in order to do it properly, as in, bring the massive dog with me but I start a new job tomorrow; less pay per hour, more hours, and less egos…it should be good.  We’ll get’r done.


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LIVE! On Elgin

The new job is great, I mean, the pay sucks, but I like my co-workers and I’m making some great industry connections.  Nothing is perfect, there are somethings I might do differently if I was the small-business owner, but I’m not so all I can do is great at what is tasked to me.

I like being able to walk to work, less reliance on cars/oil is indeed the revolution and, to boot, I’m just happy to be living close enough to sound mixing work that I can indeed stroll in on my days I’m on the schedule.

Although maybe I’d do somethings differently if I was in charge of a music club, I really enjoy the job.  I like the dynamism of the mix compared to my work in the A/V industry, where a sound guy can find work but the gigs suck; AGM’s versus Rock and Roll bands.  It’ll be nice working with music performance for the time being.  And I get to DJ a little too, nothing serious, just the house music, pre-recorded tapes, but it’s better than not.

I really like the job so far and am telling myself I will stick it out until I am thirty-five, hopefully I can parlay this gig into something more substantial.  It feels like a big relief finally landing something substantial in the music industry away from the LA’s, NY’s and London’s, or like in Canada, away from Toronto. 🙂

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I took a real job; FOH Engineer at LIVE! On Elgin

I took a real job as a FOH mix engineer in a new live space opening in Ottawa next month.  It’s called LIVE! On Elgin, it’s right at the top of Sens Mile.  It’s gonna be fun, the team seems great with lots of knowledge in-house.  I gotta remember the four stages of team building though, we’re now in the honey-moon stage, things often fall apart.  We’ve chosen this board:  I can’t wait to set it up and start mixing with it, I love the Allen and Heath pres-amps.  And we’re currently working on our PA set-up; monitors, tops, and subs, etc.  It’s a good challenge for me, doable but not too too easy.  Here’s the website:  We open in a month.
FOH mixing uses all of the skills I’ve acquired by means of deejayism, people treat sound techs a bit better than a performance DJ though.

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Next gig to feature NEW GEAR!!! :)

Alright, so I have a gig May 9th, I’ve made a few PIXLR designs promoting it, but the most exciting part is that I’ll be one of two deejays that night and the second is deejay is providing the controller, his new WeGO3, it’s a Pioneer machine, I can’t wait to use it.  It’s going to be my foray into the deejay controller game, I know I am about 15 years behind the trend but I needed to be paying dues all this time with my Technics, I feel I’m paid in full, and I can’t wait to start getting my hands on, and trying, DJ controllers at gigs.  I can’t wait to benefit from the labour savings controllers provide.

Stan + Friends

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I put out my third EP today; The Last EP

March 30, 2015
Entry #25

I put out my third EP today, and you know what I was surprised to see on my bandcamp?  I’ve done a trilogy in my produced music, and though there are some stones left unturned I am at a point where I can step away and not feel beaten…we’ll see what happens.  I released under a different name, an altar ego, one of a few identities, but here is my EP’s url, It is the last of three:

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